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What is a thermostatic valve?

A thermostatic radiator valve or TRVs has an in-built temperature sensor so that you can control the warmth in every room. 

How can you control the heat using a thermostatic radiator valve?

A thermostatic radiator valve is different to a manual radiator valve as you can choose to set a TRV at different temperatures to control the heat in that room.

Think of them like a taps – if you want a hotter room simply turn the valve up to its highest setting. Used across your home you can control the heat in each room, all from your centralised boiler system.

How do I know I need a new boiler

The most obvious sign you might need to replace your boiler is if you have no hot water and your radiators run cold. 

What are the signs my boiler might stop working?

At shnugg we help you to keep your home warm and cosy by keeping your boiler in tip-top working order. If you  have an old boiler there are a few tell tale signs it might be time, and cheaper, to replace it with a newer more efficient model.

Leaking water
If you find water dripping from any pipes or forming puddles on the floor we would advise you to call a gas-safety engineer immediately. Water leaking from any part of your boiler means there is a fault which needs to be addressed quickly.

Sometimes with older models rust and corrosion over time make repairs costly and inefficient - it's safer and more cost effective in the long run to invest in a new boiler.

Clunky and clanking noises 
Your boiler should not sound like a brass band on start up - if you regular hear noises as it fires up we would recommend organising a call out from a gas-safety engineer to help diagnose the problem. This can often mean replacing a key part like the heat pump - depending on the age of your boiler this will determine the availability of the part and the cost. 

How to measure up for a new boiler

The great news is all you need to do is complete our online survey. Our step by step guide provides us with enough information to be able to recommend the right boiler for your home.

There is also an opportunity to upload photographs so that if you do want to relocate or have a smaller boiler, we can easily how we can do this for you without the need for a surveyor to visit your home.

Why does my boiler need an annual service?

A regular boiler service ensures it’s running efficiently and safely. With newer boilers it is one of the conditions of your manufacturer's warranty. 

To keep you safe and warm

It's important to check that your boiler is working as efficiently as it can and that there are no faults. As part of your annual boiler service our gas-safety engineers will conduct a Carbon Monoxide Test and check to see it is running safely. 

If our engineer detects a minor problem this will avoid possible loss of heating and hot water at a later date. They can provide you a quote there and then to make the repair. 

My boiler pressure keeps dropping (Ask the experts video)

Is the pressure in your boiler dropping and you don't know why? Here's how to identify the possible cause and ultimately how you can fix it! In this video, we'll give you tips on what to do if this is the first time this has happened or even if it's a persistent problem.

We show you how to identify if you have a leak on your radiators by looking closely at your thermostatic radiator valves or lock shields along with the boiler pressure relief valve, or maybe you've been bleeding your radiators? This could be the cause and you just need to top up your system. We also discuss the type of boilers such as combination (combi) and system boilers to help you understand what type of boiler you're dealing with.

It's freezing cold outside and my boiler has stopped working (Ask the experts video)

It's freezing cold outside, maybe you've just arrived home from work to find your boiler is NOT working! Here's the first thing you should check before anything else and how this could not only save you time and money but also get you warm and cosy a lot quicker. In this video, we'll show you how your condensate pipe could potentially be frozen and shutting your boiler down with an error. We'll show you a trick that will only cost you a few pence!

I've got Intermittent hot water coming from my taps? (Ask the experts video)

If you're experiencing intermittent hot water from your taps, it's very likely you've got a problem brewing within your boiler. In this video, we're going to look at things that could be causing the issue and what you may need to consider to get this issue rectified.

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