How to bleed your radiators

If your boiler is working but some of your radiators are cold at the top or bottom they need to be rebalanced. Here are a few simple steps you can try at home. 

1. Look at what type of bleed screw your radiator has 
First check to see what type of  screw you have on your radiator. Up on the top there will either be a simple slot which you can insert a screwdriver. Alternatively, you might have a different bleed screw which has a small square in the middle and a spout on the side - you may need to use a radiator key to open this. Radiator keys can be purchased from your nearest DIY and hardware store.

2. Turn off your central heating. 
Once you've established what you need to bleed the radiator, turn off your heating and let the radiators cool down.

3. Open your radiator valves
With your screwdriver or radiator key turn the valve at the side of your radiator anti-clockwise. Have a cloth or towel to hand as open the valve - you'll probably hear a hissing noise first - this will be the air escaping. Stop and tighten up the valve when water trickles through. 

4. Turn your heating back on  
Once you've tightend up all the valves restart your heating and check to see all the radiators have warmed up. If this hasn't solved your problem it might be worth booking one of our gas-safety engineers to see if your heating system is working properly.

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