No hot water? Use our checklist to resolve the issue

Cold baths or showers is not something most of us want to endure. So if your hot water suddenly runs cold try our simple checks before booking a shnugg engineer.

1. Check your power
Start by checking you have power to your boiler - maybe a fuse might have tripped and cut the power so your boiler might not be working.

2. Check your boiler's settings
Look at your boiler controls - little fingers can often play with dials or switches! If there are obvious error codes is the hot water on and the timer correct? Some systems don't automatically update when the clocks go forward or back.

Also look at the water pressure in the system and the thermostat. You need at least 1-1.5 bar of pressure and ideally the temperature should be set below 21c. 

3. Check your water tank or cylinder
A combi boiler heats up water on demand, whilst other boilers store hot water until it's needed in a cylinder tank, which is often stored in an airing cupboard. If you have a hot water cylinder check to see the temperature on this thermostat and that there is power. You might simply have run out of hot water and need to turn the water setting on the boiler back on.

If after these checks you're still experiencing loss of hot water then we would recommend scheduling a shnugg engineer to visit to carry out a few more checks. 


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